Club-Q Information

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Regarding sessions with us
1. We are not a shop where you can fight with the girls.
2. Before coming to our shop, please make a reservation, an email is fine.
3. The play at our shop is various martial arts, the girls attack, you are not allowed to fight back.
4. Sex for money is against the law in Japan.
5. Please understand all of this before visiting our shop, thank you.

Domination Play1hour15,000 YEN
TWO Queen Domination1hour25,000 YEN
Mix-Fight Play1hour20,000 YEN
Shooting tour (foreigners only)
Amount: 20000 yen
Time: Up to 3 hours
Contents: Shooting tour and experience
Receive one DVD of your choice
NG: shooting
Shooting tour Shooting tour
Shooting tour Shooting tour
Speak English just a little
W Muscle
W Muscle
Miss Tokyo
Miss Tokyo

Meeting Point
MINI STOP Shibuya-Sakuragaoka
Japan,150-0031 Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Sakuragaokacho,6-6

Club-Q is not for competitive fighting. It is for domination play. Only the girls are the aggressors. Please be sure to reserve.
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